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Museum Bookstore

The museum bookstore is a popular attraction in itself. The shelves are lined with a wide variety of books for a wide variety of readers. Field guides help the curious learn about the Eastern Sierra's flora and fauna. Numerous histories document local events from a local angle, from the Water Wars and the Los Angeles Aqueduct to the film industry's embrace of Lone Pine as a location for everyplace from the American West to the mountainous areas of what was once called "Arabia." An entire section is devoted to Native American topics, such as basketry, history, and ancient rock art. Geology and Mining are also popular topics, and are represented by impressive photo books to interesting little volumes about the mining era. A section is devoted to Death Valley and its attractions and mystique. The Sierra Nevada Mountains have attracted outdoor enthusiasts for a century, and books detailing the natural beauty of the region, in photos and words, along with practical tomes on hiking and climbing help visitors explore this sprawling, unspoiled landscape.