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The heart of the museum's collection is on display as one of the largest exhibits of Owens Valley Paiute-Shoshone and Death Valley Panamint-Shoshone basketry in the nation. Ornamental and functional baskets, along with cradleboards, projectile points, bows and arrows, and rare examples of Paiute beadwork are included in the extensive exhibit. The basket exhibit includes more than 400 baskets and nearly 100 other, related artifacts, and is contained in about 14 large display cases. The collection occupies the museum's East Wing, and has been named the Anna and OK Kelley Gallery of Native American Life. Placing the baskets a large, spacious exhibit area highlights the extensive and unique collection. Plus, the exhibit allows visitors to look at all sides of the artistic baskets and take plenty of time marveling at the intricate patterns and precise workmanship represented by the baskets and other artifacts.