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Upcoming Events

Click on individual listings below to view or print flyers for free events and services throughout Inyo County.

If you want to improve your relationship with your children or learn to better manage their misbehaviors, then join a Triple P Parenting Class offered regularly throughout the year. Call 873-6453 anytime to get on the waiting list for the next session of classes:

Triple P Group (Parenting birth to 12)

March 2018 - in Lone Pine!

Triple P Teen (Parenting 12 to 18)

May 2018


Triple P Pathways (for anger management)  to be scheduled


Triple P Lifestyles (for healthy life changes)

Fall 2018


Information and Sign-up Night for the developmental play program for parents with children 10 months to 4 years. Over the course of 6 weeks parents will learn about the importance of developmental play and interaction with their child. LIMITED SPOTS! Be the first to sign up at the event.

BABY UNIVERSITY - coming May 2018
This 1-night seminar focuses on early development from birth to age 3, and simple things parents can do to promote it. Participants receive a free Vons grocery gift card to practice healthy choices.
Call 873-6453 to register!


Pre-K UNIVERSITY - March 21
This 1-night seminar focuses on child development from age 3 to 5, and simple things parents can do to promote it. Participants receive a free Vons grocery gift card to practice healthy choices.
Call 873-6453 to register!


The public is welcome to attend our First 5 Inyo Commission meetings which usually occur the fourth Thursday of every month at 10am at the social services building at 920 N. Main St. Agendas are posted here the week of the meeting, and if you would like to be added to the agenda contact Serena at 873-6453. The next meeting is Thursday, March 22, 2018, at 10 AM. Click here to see the agenda.

Now in three locations: Bishop, Independence, and Lone Pine. Click here to learn more. We distribute donated diapers of all sizes to help families in need.


Link to Grants and Funding Page

The First 5 Inyo Commission has decided to focus the majority of its allocation on funding Family Strengthening and Early Child Health programs as primary goals until 2020.

Under the goal area of Child Health:

-Northern Inyo Hospital was approved for a grant from 2015 to 2018 to support early birth and breastfeeding supports at their campus. NIH will offer birthing classes and breastfeeding support group.

-Early childhood educators, caregivers, health providers, and families are all welcome to participate in our free online Inyo Ages & Stages screening network and quality improvement efforts that relate to statewide QRIS standards.

Under the goal area of Family Strengthening:

-First 5 Inyo is sponsoring the development of a Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) network to offer community wide parenting education. Agencies who want to participate in training and support are welcome to contact 873-6453.

-Early literacy is a primary predictor of a host of lifelong benefits, both for individual children and the communties they will contribute to in their lifetime. To learn more about our Reach Out and Read, Raising A Reader, and early language acquisition programs email first5@inyocounty.us


Reading Railroad

The number one thing you can do to prepare your child for success in school is read to them at home for at least fifteen minutes a day.

To learn more check out:

Engaging Your Baby with Books

Reading Tips for Babies

Reading Tips for Toddlers

Reading Tips for Preschoolers

Book Suggestions by Age Range


Link to Projects Page

 TURN OFF TV and...


What does your family do for fun instead of watching T.V. ? Follow these links to learn more about:TV-Free Fun, & our Screentime Quiz.


Rethink Your Drink!
Reconsidre Su Bebida!



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Link to About Us Page
Want to know what First 5 CA and First 5 in each county of CA is about? Visit the First 5 CA site for parents and the First 5 Association of Counties information map.

Click here for information regarding Contacting Us, Commissioners, Staff, Mission, Vision, & Goals, CCFC Background, 2014-19 Strategic Plan, & Bylaws.

Five Protective Factors

You can get information about the 5 Protective Factors Framework to help prevent child abuse and neglect in our community below:

First 5 Inyo Protective Factors

Inyo Families United Network

Also visit this local resource guide for contact info to supports  in each of the 5 protective factors categories:

Local Resource Guide 


Link to Minutes and Agendas Page

Our next regular Commission meeting will be September 28, 2017 at the Social Services Building at 10 AM at 920 N. Main Street in Bishop.

You can access our updated 2014-19 Strategic Plan or click below on the First 5 Inyo Annual Report presentation you'd like to review:

First 5 Inyo Annual Report 2015-16

First 5 Inyo Annual Report 2014-15

First 5 Inyo Annual Report 2013-14

Family Intake Form Results 2009-2014

Synthesis of Strategies & Sustainability




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