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Forests: the shadow of civilization

By Harrison, Robert Pogue

Publishing Date: c1992

Classification: 800

Call Number: 809.9336 HAR

"As Western civilization cleared its space in the midst of the forests, it projected into the sylvan darkness its secret and innermost anxieties; in the forest's shadow we find enchantment, terror, and irony. In this wide-ranging exploration of the role of forests in Western thought, Robert Pogue Harrison enriches our understanding not only of the forest's place in the cultural imagination of the West, but also of the ecological dilemmas that now confront us so urgently." "Harrison offers a richly detailed account of how the governing institutions of the West--from religion to law, family to city--established themselves in opposition to the forests, where the distinctions of civilization go astray. In sources ranging from Gilgamesh and the myths of ancient Greece and Rome to twentieth-century writers like Conrad, Sartre, and Beckett, Harrison finds the forest to be an enigma and paradox: a place of lawlessness, yet a haven for the unjustly treated; a place of profanity yet sacred ground; a world of darkness and obscurity, yet a stage for revelation." "The word forest derives from the Latin for outside. Harrison comes to terms with the radical nature of this outsidedness and the way it grounds human life on the earth. What, he asks, does it mean to "be at home" while estranged from the physical world in which we dwell?" "Consistently insightful and beautifully written, this work is especially compelling at a time when the forest, as a source of wonder, respect, and meaning, disappears daily from the earth."--BOOK JACKET.

Come on all you ghosts

By Zapruder, Matthew

Publishing Date: c2010

Classification: 800

Call Number: 811.6 ZAP

A third collection of poems mixes humor with themes of love and loss and draws upon past personal experiences in a search for self-revelation. - (Baker & Taylor)

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The world of Christopher Marlowe

By Riggs, David

Publishing Date: 2005

Classification: 800

Call Number: 822.3 RIG

"The World of Christopher Marlowe is the story of the troubled genius, raised in the stench and poverty of Canterbury's abattoirs, who revolutionized English drama and poetry, challenging and scandalizing English society before he was murdered in his prime. David Riggs, a prizewinning Elizabethan scholar, evokes the atmosphere and texture of Marlowe's life in Elizabethan England, from his birth (in 1564, the same year as Shakespeare's) to his ties to the London underworld and his triumphs on the stage." "Ben Jonson celebrated Marlowe's "mighty line," which brought lightness and musicality to English verse. Though he was the greatest dramatist the English had ever known, Marlowe lived on the margins of London life, among prostitutes and thieves, and attracted a new class of theatergoers with a repertory that spoke to their most urgent concerns - class conflict, erotic desire, religious dissent." "Among the scenes of conflict and intrigue that inspired him, Marlowe would find his way into the spy rings that dominated the Elizabethan state, and their influence would loom over his life and work from the time he left Cambridge University. His undercover missions brought him into contact with Roman Catholic conspirators who were plotting to kill the queen, while his private deliberations led him to an idea even more threatening to the monarchy - atheism. No one knows to this day whether his murder was the act of a sovereign power or the result of a tavern brawl." "In a period of eight years, Christopher Marlowe's masterpieces, Dr. Faustus, Tamburlaine the Great, and The Jew of Malta, transformed the Elizabethan stage into a place of astonishing creativity. Shakespeare mourned his passing: "Dear shepherd, now I find thy saw of might/Who ever loved, that loved not at first sight.""--BOOK JACKET.

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Shakespeare: a life

By Honan, Park

Publishing Date: 1998

Classification: 800

Call Number: 822.33 HON

A biography of Shakespeare, the 16th century English actor, playwright and wise investor--investing first in the Globe Theater, where he became director, later in the Blackfriars Theater. While tracing Shakespeare's career, the author analyzes his plays, particularly the tragedies, and describes the carnival atmosphere which surrounded their performance.

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Hamlet: a user's guide

By Pennington, Michael

Publishing Date: 1996

Classification: 800

Call Number: 822.33 PEN

Written by a British actor who has performed in Hamlet many times throughout his thirty-year career, this "user's guide" offers an intensely practical chronicle of how the drama actually works on stage, first scene by scene, then character by character. Michael Pennington opens and closes his book with a more personal account of his own encounters with the play and with a variety of approaches to Shakespeare in production. In all, this serious but lively and witty book will surely be of immense value to teachers, students, actors and directors. For everyone else it enriches the Hamlet experience with the professional insight that only a leading actor can provide. - (Blackwell North Amer)

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Why be happy when you could be normal

By Winterson, Jeanette

Publishing Date: c2011

Classification: 800

Call Number: 823.914 WIN

This memoir is a tough-minded search for belonging, for love, an identity, a home, and a mother by the author of "Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit"--winner of the Whitbread First Novel award and the inspiration behind the award-winning BBC television adaptation "Oranges."

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