Mt. Whitney / Missing Hiker

On Sunday May 18, 2014, at about 8:40pm, Inyo County dispatch received a call regarding a missing hiker on Mt. Whitney.  The missing hiker, 57 year old Los Angeles man William Tseng, had not been seen since noon that day.

After interviewing William’s brother, Robert Tseng, it was determined that Robert, William, and two others left the Mt. Whitney trailhead at about 2:00am to day hike to Mt. Whitney.  After about ten hours of hiking, William became tired and stopped at Trail Camp to rest and adjust his crampons while the rest of the group continued on.  The hiking group completed their hike and began the descent down the trail – at no point did anyone see William.  Once back at the Whitney Portal parking lot, the hikers became even more concerned when William was not at the vehicle. The three hikers spoke with several people coming off the trail to try and determine if anyone had seen William.

On Monday May 19, 2014, at about 5:30am, five Inyo County Search and Rescue (SAR) team members drove to Mt. Whitney to start the search for William. By 8:00am, the SAR team located William walking down the trail towards Whitney Portal.  William was in good health and uninjured; he was escorted to Whitney Portal where he was reunited with his family.

Thank you Inyo County SAR for your response and hard work!

VFW Wounded Warriors

On Monday, May 12th, 2014 we were visited by the Wounded Warriors from the Long Beach Veterans Hospital. The Warriors belong to a special group called, “Project Healing Waters, Fly Fishing, Inc.,” which is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and disabled veterans through fly fishing and associated activities including education and outings.

The Warriors were welcomed with a dinner at the VFW building in Bishop, CA catered by Olga Rojas and her famous pork burritos.  Dessert was a patriotic flag cake, shown below, by Christian Ray.

The Warriors spent the next three days fly fishing and recreating in the Eastern Sierra before returning home.  A big “THANK YOU” to Project Healing Waters, Olga Rojas, Christian Ray and everyone else who helped out!


Veteran’s Services Update

Just a quick heads up: The Veteran Service MONO Outreach Program will be observed Thursday, MAY 22, 2014; please schedule your appointment by Wednesday, May 21st. The Veteran Service S. INYO Outreach Program will be observed Thursday, MAY 29, 2014 at Department of Social Services (behind Southern Inyo Hospital); please schedule your appointment by Wednesday, May 28th.  All appointments can be made by calling 760-873-7850.  Also, there is a newly formed PTSD support group in Bishop.  Check out the flyer for more information: ptsd group

Wyman Canyon SAR

On Sunday May 11, 2014, at about 10:30am, the Inyo County Sheriff dispatch was contacted by Michael Bradshaw (71 from Eagle, CO.).  Michael said his brother, Steven Bradshaw (62 from Los Angeles), was in a ravine in Wyman Canyon and could not get out. Michael was concerned that his brother was exhausted and becoming increasingly dehydrated. By 1:00pm 9 members of Inyo County Search and Rescue (SAR) team arrived at Deep Springs College to meet up with Michael, where he was waiting.  Shortly after, the Inyo County SAR team headed up Wyman Canyon to locate Steven.

At about 2:45pm, 2 Inyo County deputies arrived at Wyman Canyon with OHV’s to assist in the search for Steven.  After driving approximately 15 miles, the deputies met up with members of the SAR team.  The deputies were told that 6 SAR members were ascending a narrow canyon in an attempt to locate Steven.  Shortly after the deputies started up the narrow canyon with the OHVs a SAR team member advised that they located Steven and he was uninjured and in good health.

Two anonymous subjects, who were in the area on OHVs, gave Steven a ride down the canyon to the deputy’s location.  Steven said he was riding his motorcycle down a ravine when his motorcycle stopped running due to mechanical problems.  Steven said he was unable to get his motorcycle started and had to stay the night.  Steven was driven back to Deep Springs College where he was reunited with Michael.

Thank you to the Inyo County SAR team for your quick response!

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Helicopter Training

Inyo County Narcotic Enforcement Team members participate in short-haul helicopter training in the San Louis Obispo area May 1st and 2nd. Participants also included local agencies within California as well as federal agencies. The short-haul method is the safest and fastest way for law enforcement to enter and exit rural mountainous terrain during marijuana eradication and reclamation missions. For more photos – check out our Facebook page!


OHV Advanced Training Class

The Inyo County Sheriff’s Office recently held a two day advanced OHV training specifically for the Sheriff’s OHV Patrol and Enforcement Detail.  OHV patrol duties participated in classroom education as well hands-on instruction techniques for towing and recovering OHV’s that are stuck or inoperable.  The class wrapped up with an OHV patrol through the Coyote Flats area and an exercise on safely maneuvering OHVs through difficult terrain.    The Inyo County Sheriff’s OHV Enforcement Detail is made possible through the CA State Department of Parks and Recreation OHV Division grant opportunities.

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Every 15 Minutes Program

This afternoon Bishop Union High School students (along with the assistance from Inyo County Probation Department, California Highway Patrol, Bishop Police Department, Inyo County Sheriff’s Office, Bishop Volunteer Fire Department and Symons Ambulance Services) participated in the Every 15 Minutes Program.  The program is tailored specifically to high school students (juniors and seniors), with an overarching goal of creating a very real-life enactment of the effects of drinking and driving.

This year the demonstration involved a two vehicle collision.  CHP conducted a DUI investigation on the suspect, while other agencies assisted with medical treatment on the victims and traffic control.  Two students were critically injured resulting in one being flown out by CHP helicopter and another pronounced dead at the scene. The performance was a sobering reminder that drinking and driving do not mix.  Great job to all involved!

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April 23rd is Denim Day!

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month; as part of that effort April 23rd has been set aside as Denim Day.  The Denim Day campaign began in 1999 as part of an international protest of an Italian Supreme Court decision to overturn a rape conviction because the victim was wearing jeans.  The Court infamously stated that, “It is common knowledge… that jeans cannot even be partly removed without the effective help of the person wearing them… and it is impossible if the victim is struggling with all her might.” This judgment became an international symbol of myth based injustice for sexual assault victims, and prompted world-wide outcry.

Denim Day is an outward example of how a community can help change people’s perceptions about violence against women, men, and children.  Please consider joining local non-profit organizations, government organizations, and others in wearing denim on April 23, 2014.


Inmate Services

With the increase of inmates serving longer sentences due to state realignment, the Inyo County Jail (ICJ) is offering many more services for inmates so that time spent incarcerated is time spent working toward a new work skill or toward personal development.  Some of the services offered include: GED and Job Skill Training, Kid and Parent University, Moral Recognition Therapy Class, Toiyabe Indian Health Project Services, Alcoholics Anonymous, Mental Health Services, as well as faith-based services.  The staff at ICJ and the volunteers who assist in the programs really work hard to support the inmates with opportunities for self-improvement. The programs are a result of the collaborative effort of the Community Corrections Partnership (CCP).