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Special Toll Free Numbers

Reno RO



Sepulveda VAMC 800-516-4567 
Health Benefits 877-222-8387 
Educational Benefits 888-442-4551
 VA Life Insurance  800-669-8477
 Office of SGLI  800-419-1473
 Champva  800-733-8387
Gulf War 800-749-8387
Headstone status 800-697-6947
Telecommunications 800-829-4833
Direct Deposit 877-838-2778


NON Toll Free Numbers

San Francisco VAMC 415-221-4810
Palo Alto VAMC 650-493-5000
Long Beach VAMC 562-494-2611
Loma Linda VAMC 909-825-7084
San Diego VAMC 858-552-8585
San Diego RO 619-400-5616
Los Angeles RO 310-235-6199


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