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County of Inyo

Board of Supervisors


Monday January 28, 2002, and Tuesday, January 29, 2002

The Board of Supervisors of the County of Inyo, State of California, met in special session at the hour of 2:15 p.m., on Monday, January 28, 2002, in the Chef Marquez Room, at the Furnace Creek Inn, with the following Supervisors present:  Chairperson Linda Arcularius presiding, Ervin Lent, and Carroll “Butch” Hambleton.  Supervisors Dorame and Bear were absent.  Supervisor Lent provided the Invocation, and Supervisor Hambleton led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Public Comment

The Chairperson announced the public comment period and there was no one from the public wishing to speak.


Disaster Serv./ So. Inyo Fire Protection Grant

Mr. Robert Hurd, Director of Environmental Health, provided additional information on the State of Nevada Grant which will provide one-time funding for the Southern Inyo Fire Protection District for emergency services activities.  The Chief of the Southern Inyo Fire Protection District thanked the Board for their support of this Grant and informed the Board that the District’s update would be provided at tomorrow’s portion of the meeting in Tecopa.   Moved by Supervisor Lent and seconded by Supervisor Hambleton to A) approve the Contract between the County of Inyo and the State of Nevada, Office of the Governor, Agency for Nuclear Project for $50,000 for the Southern Inyo Fire Protection District for emergency services activities; authorize the Chairperson to sign; and authorize the County Administrator to sign all the backup documentation, certifications and assurances associated with this Contract, contingent upon the appropriate County signatures being obtained; and  B) approve the Agreement between the County of Inyo and the Southern Inyo Fire Protection District (SIFPD) for the $50,000 State of Nevada Grant funding for designated emergency services activities; and authorize the Chairperson to sign.  Motion carried unanimously, with Supervisors Bear and Dorame absent.


Timbisha Presentation

Ms. Barbara Durham, Administrator for the Timbisha Shoshone Tribe, addressed the Board to update the Board on the Tribe’s activities, which included the announcement that the Tribe is now operating a radio station in Death Valley.  


Furnace Creek Inn Presentation

Mr. Cal Jepson, General Manager of Furnace Creek Inn and Ranch Resort, addressed the Board to provide an update on Amfac projects.  He reviewed visitation figures and projections for the year, explaining that due to the soft economy and the events of 9-11 the visitation figures for Death Valley and the Resort are way down.  Ms. Toni Jepson, updated the Board on the Inn’s 75th Anniversary celebration.  At the conclusion of Mr. Jepson’s remarks, The Chairperson thanked Mr. Jepson and his Staff at the Inn and Ranch for their hospitality and help in making the Annual Meeting a success.   The Chairperson presented the Jepson’s with a County Certificate commemorating the Inn’s Anniversary.


Death Valley Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Chris Fairclaugh of the Death Valley Chamber of Commerce presented the Board with the Chamber’s latest brochure.  Ms. Toni Jepson presented the Board with copies of the SUV Map which were “hot off the presses.”   Ms. Jepson also updated the Board on the activities of the Coalition of Chambers indicating that she would be scheduling a Coalition presentation before the Board to request funding support for the Sunset Magazine Add Project.  


CR Briggs Presentation

Messrs. Paul Blair and Craig McKenzie of CR Briggs Corporation, updated the Board on the Corporation’s activities, highlighting the operations and explorations in a slide presentation.  



W/S/Southeast Area Citizens Advisory Comm.

The Chairperson recessed the regular meeting at 3:35 p.m. to convene in a workshop with a representative of the Southeast Area Citizens Advisory Committee.  Ms. Susan Sorrells represented the Committee.  Ms. Sorrells and the Board discussed the duties and role of the Committee at length and in detail. The Board and the County Administrator stated their concerns with the Committee expressing and conveying their opinions as the County’s/Board’s position on issues.




The Chairperson recessed the meeting at 5:10 p.m. 



The Chairperson reconvened the meeting at 9:15 a.m., Tuesday, January 29, 2002, at the Tecopa  Community Center, in Tecopa, California, with Supervisors Arcularius, Lent and Hambleton present.  Supervisors Bear and Dorame were absent.  Supervisor Lent provided the invocation and Supervisor Hambleton led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Public Comment

The Chairperson opened the public comment period.  Representatives from the community, including Jim Ramm, Woodrow Peterson and Rich Smotherman addressed the Board to comment on area concerns, including to ask that a Deputy Coroner be assigned to the area, that the County Sheriff’s be provided with Radar units to help control speed on area roads, the transportation of transuranic waste on area roads, the status of the Lease for the Hot Springs Campground and the possibility of entering into an MOU with Pahrump for services.  Ms. Jennifer Vierick presented and reviewed a report from the Friends of the Tecopa Hot Springs, Inc., identifying specific concerns.  Others addressing the Board were Mr. Jim Copeland, School Superintendent and Representative of the Southern Inyo Fire Protection District, Ms. Karen Pine of the Death Valley Chamber of Commerce, and Ms. Barbara Price the new Zellhoffer Leaseholder.  Inyo County Officials and Staff, including the County Administrator, Mr. René Mendez, Sheriff Dan Lucas, Mr. Andrew Remus, Yucca Mountain Program Coordinator, and Mr. Chuck Hamilton, Deputy County Administrator, responded to the various questions and specific concerns identified by the Community.  Mr. Mendez indicated that he would contact the Coroner regarding the suggestion for a Deputy Coroner.  Mr. Mendez explained that an MOU to discuss areas of mutual concern, including services, had been prepared and was to be discussed at a joint meeting between the Inyo County Board of Supervisors and the Nye County Board of Commissioners which had been scheduled for later in the day, but due to a conflict in the Commissioners schedule had been cancelled.  He indicated that he would continue to pursue the County’s options with regard to services.  The Sheriff addressed the use of radar in County Patrol vehicles.  Mr. Andrew Remus provided an update on the Yucca Mountain Repository and transuranic waste issues.  Mr. Hamilton indicated that he was proceeding with the Campground Lease, providing an update on the status of a Fish and Wildlife Report and the status of sewer ponds.    



The Chairperson adjourned the Annual Death Valley Meeting at 10:35 a.m.










Attest:   RENÉ L. MENDEZ
         Clerk of the Board


    by:        _________________________________
Patricia Gunsolley, Deputy



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