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County of Inyo

Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors of the County of Inyo, State of California, met in special session at the hour of 8:05 a.m., on Monday, November 10, 2003, in the Board of Supervisors Room, County Administrative Center, Independence, with the following Supervisors present:  Chairperson Michael Dorame presiding, Linda Arcularius, Julie Bear, Ted Williams, and Carroll M. Hambleton, Jr.  Supervisor Hambleton provided the Invocation, and Supervisor Bear led the Pledge of Allegiance.



Public Comment

The Chairperson announced the public comment period and there was no one wishing to address the Board.


County Dept. Reports

The Chairperson announced the County department report period.  Ms. Monicka Watterson, Transit Program Director, informed the Board that the Transit Program will be working with the Salvation Army and the Inyo Council for the Arts on this year’s food drive efforts. 


CAO/Leg. Platform

The County Administrator  told the Board that he would send the Legislative Platform to RCRC and CSAC once it is finalized.  Also in response to a request from Supervisor Dorame, Mr. Mendez indicated that he would add the Yucca Mountain issues to the transportation and the environmental sections.  Moved by Supervisor Arcularius and seconded by Supervisor Bear to adopt the FY 2003/04 Legislative Platform for Inyo County as amended to include Yucca Mountain transportation and environmental issues.  Motion carried unanimously.


CAO-Info Serv.  Verizon Agreement

Moved by Supervisor Arcularius and seconded by Supervisor Bear to approve the Agreement between the County of Inyo and Verizon for local telephone service and related provided services (such as voice mail) for the period of February 25, 2004 through February 24, 2005, contingent upon the Board’s adoption of future budgets and authorize the Chairperson to sign.  Motion carried unanimously.


P.W.-Bldg. & Maint./Budget Amendment

Moved by Supervisor Williams and seconded by Supervisor Arcularius to A) amend the FY 2003/04 Deferred Maintenance Budget Unit 011501 by increasing appropriations in Other Professional Services (Object Code #5265) by $1,000; Maintenance of Facilities (Object Code #5199) by $2,000; and Fixed Assets (Object Code #5670) by $6,676 from unappropriated reserves in the total amount of $9,676; and B) approve a purchase order to Western Exterminator for services at the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Posse Hut in an amount not to exceed $6,381.  Motion carried unanimously.


P.W./Bldg. & Maint./Budget Amendment

Moved by Supervisor Arcularius and seconded by Supervisor Hambleton to A) amend the FY  2003-04 Deferred Maintenance Budget 011501 by increasing appropriations in Other Professional Services (Object Code #5265) by $5,800 from unappropriated reserves; and B) approve a purchase order to Abateco Asbestos Abatement for asbestos abatement services in an amount not to exceed $5,800.   Motion carried unanimously.


E. Health/Change in Authorized Strength

The County Administrator provided additional justification for the request to change a fiscal position in the Environmental Health Department from a Supervisor Fiscal Services position to an Account Technician position.  He explained that this change would not effect the recommendations, which will be forthcoming regarding the reorganization of the Environmental Health Department in that all scenarios contain fiscal position components.  Moved by Supervisor Bear and seconded by Supervisor Williams to approve a change in authorized strength in the Environmental Health Department by deleting one vacant full-time Fiscal Services position at Range 63 ($2,671-$3,248) and adding one full-time Account Technician I position at Range 55 ($2,219- $2,697).  Motion carried unanimously.


Transit Program/ Budget Amendment

Ms. Monicka Watterson, Inyo-Mono Transit Program Director explained that the budget amendment being requested will facilitate the lease/purchase of a larger bus to cover increased ridership as a result of the Crest Route being expanded into the Reno-Tahoe Airport.  Moved by Supervisor Williams and seconded by Supervisor Arcularius to amend the FY 2003/04 Transit Program Budget 153101 by increasing estimated revenues in Federal Grants (Revenue Code #4555) by $40,000 and Local Transportation Tax (Revenue Code #4061) by $20,000; and increasing appropriations in Rents & Leases Equipment (Object Code #5281) by $80,000 including $20,000 from unappropriated reserves. Motion carried unanimously.


BofS/Minute Approval

Supervisor Dorame requested a correction on page two “Water Dept./Well Protocol” paragraph changing during to duration.  Moved by Supervisor Hambleton and seconded by Supervisor Bear to approve the minutes of the October 28, 2003, Board of Supervisors Meeting, as amended.  Motion carried unanimously.


Org./L.P. CofC- Christmas Events

Moved by Supervisor Hambleton and seconded by Supervisor Williams to support the Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony to be held at 5:00 p.m., on December 6th and the Annual Christmas Parade to be held beginning at 1:00 p.m., on December 13, 2003.  Motion carried unanimously.


H&H-Child Care- Planning Council By-Laws Change

Moved by Supervisor Williams and seconded by Supervisor Arcularius to approve the Child Care Planning Council By-Laws with the additional language in Article V(C).  Motion carried unanimously.


Closed Session

The Chairperson recessed open session at 9:10 a.m., to convene in closed session, with all Board Members present to discuss Agenda Item No. 14.  PERSONNEL (Pursuant to Government Code Section 54957)– Public Employee Performance Evaluation – Title:  County Administrative Officer.  The Chairperson recessed closed session at 10:15 a.m., to reconvene in open session, with all Board Members present.


P.W./Town Water Systems Rate Change

Mr. Jeff Jewett, Public Works Director, provided further explanation and information on the Staff Report regarding the Town Water Systems.  The Board was provided with copies of a petition received in their mail opposing any changes to the rates currently being charged.  Mr. Joe Ruiz of Lone Pine, and Supervisor Dorame discussed the petition and who might have authored it, as well as the accuracy vs. inaccuracy of the premise identified in the  petition statement.  The Board and staff discussed the Staff Report, with County Counsel and the County Administrator providing additional clarification on portions of the Report including the Long Term Water Agreement, the EIR, the proposed transfer of the Systems from DWP to the County and the transfer from the County to the CSDs.  Mr. Richard Cervantes of Lone Pine, Ms. Nancy Masters of Independence, Mr. Rod Ayers and Mr. Joe Ruiz of Lone Pine, addressed the Board to oppose any rate increases.  Ms. Arlene Grider, Independence CSD, addressed the Board to support the Staff’s recommendations regarding the rate increases.  The Board, Staff and members of the audience continued to discuss the Town Water Systems and Staff’s proposals regarding the rate schedule, subsidizing the systems with other sources of revenue, and the operations.  Staff asked for direction regarding how to proceed.  The Board directed Staff to bring back recommendations based on the original rates proposed by Staff as a starting point, with the recommendations to contain a phased implementation of the new rates, more liberal life-line discount rates and indentification of gaps for reduced rates and/or life-line discounts and funding alternatives to cover the gaps, as well as a tentative schedule for Public Meetings in Independence, Lone Pine and Laws to discuss the rate changes.  At the conclusion of the discussion on the Town Water Systems, Supervisor Bear excused herself from the meeting due to travel requirements.


Closed Session

The Chairperson recessed the open session at 2:10 p.m., reconvening at 2:35 p.m., in closed session, with all Board Members present, except Supervisor Bear, to continue discussions on the previously noted closed session item No. 14.   The Chairperson recessed closed session at 6:15 p.m., to convene in open session, with all Board Members present, except Supervisor Bear.


Auditor/Draft Property Tax Audit Findings

Ms. Leslie Chapman, informed the Board that the preliminary results of this year’s State property tax audit, which is conducted every five years, shows findings of miscalculations in the County’s property tax distribution formula which will result in significant fiscal impact to Inyo County and other special districts throughout the County.  She said the draft findings are consistent with the results of the prior two audits conducted by the State over the last fifteen years, that she has thoroughly reviewed the findings, investigated the calculations, and concurs with the tentative audit findings that the County owes the State for the underpayment, but continues to negotiate with the State regarding the exact amount. 


Ms. Chapman explained that she has chosen to share this year’s audit information with the Board of Supervisors and other County Officials.  She explained that she was sharing the audit results in order to work with other County Officials to minimize the impact of any repayments, penalties or shortfalls to both the County and the Special Districts.  The Board of Supervisors asked the Auditor-Controller and the County Administrator to take the audit findings to the County’s Financial Advisory Committee (FAC) to develop recommendations for the Board’s consideration.  The Board and Ms. Chapman discussed the option of seeking legislative relief for the one-time adjustment amount and directed the County Administrator to work with the Auditor to explore the viability of such legislation. 


Report on Closed Session

County Counsel reported there were no items discussed in closed session, which were required by law to be reported on in open session. 



The Chairperson adjourned the special meeting at 7:35 p.m.



   Chairperson, Inyo County Board of Supervisors

Attest:   RENÉ L. MENDEZ
         Clerk of the Board

    by:        ___________________________________
Patricia Gunsolley, Assistant       



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