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County of Inyo

Board of Supervisors


The Board of Supervisors of the County of Inyo, State of California, met in special session, with the Nevada Affected Units of Government (AULGs), at the hour of 2:00 p.m., on Wednesday, May 4, 2005, at the Mountain Crest Community Center, 4701 North Durango Road, Las Vegas, Nevada, with the following Supervisors present:  Chairperson Ted Williams presiding, Linda Arcularius, Susan Cash, Jim Bilyeu, and Richard Cervantes. 

Public Comment

The Chairperson announced the public comment period, and there was no one from the public wishing to address the Board.



Planning-Yucca Mnt./AULG Funding

The Chairperson announced that the Board was conducting this meeting to meet with the representatives of the Department of Energy and other Affected Units of Local Government (AULGs) to negotiate and decide the allocation of Yucca Mountain Repository DOE funding among AULGs including the County of Inyo, for the current federal fiscal year.   Inyo County Counsel provided a brief review of the Inyo County Board of Supervisors’ authority to conduct this meeting and confirmed that the meeting was being conducted in compliance with the State of California Brown Act.


The Board and the other representatives of the AULGs' discussed the proposed levels of DOE funding to the various AULGs.  The discussion included the following: (a) the need for the counties to reach agreement without DOE or Congressional intervention; (b) that the allocation be agreed upon in order to not jeopardize the funding; (c) the importance of transportation issues to certain counties; (d) the opinion of those attending the Tonopah meeting that the counties with high balances were threatening other AULGs’ funding; (e) Inyo County’s close proximity to the site and the need to maintain funding for hydrology studies and other Yucca Mountain Repository activities being performed by Inyo County; (f) licensing application involvement and the potential funding which may be required; (g) working towards a mutual agreement in order to secure higher funding for all AULGs in the future; (h) discussion on the County of Inyo’s allocated amounts for hydrology studies; (i) the need for an understanding that because there is an approved work plan and an established reserve account future funding levels for Inyo County should not be compromised by the acceptance of a reduced amount this year; and (j) the opinion by other small AULGs’ that Inyo County should reduce its funding request in the spirit of cooperation. 


Moved by Supervisor Bilyeu and seconded by Supervisor Cash to accept $570,000 as this year’s Inyo County AULG funding from the DOE for Yucca Mountain Repository activities, as the amount to begin negotiations.  Motion carried unanimously.


Reaction from the remainder of the group was that the amount in this motion, might create an impasse.  The Board and the other members of the group continued to discuss possible alternatives to the $570,000 amount approved by the Inyo County Board of Supervisors.  The County of Inyo ultimately accepted the amount of $535,000 with agreement of the entire group to act together to influence future funding.


Moved by Supervisor Cervantes and seconded by Supervisor Arcularius to revise the amount of AULG funding to be accepted this year by Inyo County from $570,000 to $535,000 and approve a 10 County AULG consensus letter to be created by representatives of the 10 counties, seeking higher DOE funding to the Affected Units of Government (AULGs) in the future.  Motion carried unanimously.



The Chairperson adjourned the special meeting at 4:55 p.m.




Chairperson, Inyo County Board of Supervisors


Attest:   RON JULIFF
         Clerk of the Board



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