COVID-19 Case Numbers

updated: Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Inyo Count Cases - Month to Date (01/22/23)


Cases and Deaths - 01.22.2023

Cases and deaths updated January 24, 2023 and reflect Inyo County data from March 2022 – January 22, 2023.


The data above is submitted from the local level (Inyo County) through CalREDIE to CDPH's COVID-19 Dashboard. CDPH updates the COVID-19 Dashboard every Tuesday and Thursday. For CDPH Dashboard updates, please visit: and click on "Get County Data"

Website Infographic: Cases and Deaths in Inyo County - Data:

  • Inyo County and the State of California process and update COVID-19 data at different times and as such, state data may not always align with county data. Inyo County strives to deliver up-to-date and reliable COVID-19 information to county residents and the statistics provided by Inyo County should be considered the most complete.

  • El condado de Inyo y el estado de California procesan y actualizan los datos de COVID-19 en momentos distintos, como tal los datos del estado no siempre coinciden con los del condado. El condado de Inyo se esfuerza por entregar información actualizada y confiable de COVID-19 a los residentes del condado y las estadísticas proporcionadas por el condado de Inyo deben ser consideradas como las más completas.

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