COVID-19 Case Numbers

updated: Friday, September 29, 2022

Inyo Count Cases - Month to Date (09/26/22)Inyo Cumulative Cases - Month to Date (09/26/22)


The data below is submitted from the local level (Inyo County) through CalREDIE to CDPH's COVID-19 Dashboard. CDPH updates the COVID-19 Dashboard every Tuesday and Friday. For more frequent updates, please visit: and click on "Get County Data"

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as of: 09/29/2022

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

Cases - 09.29.2022

Confirmed Deaths

Deaths - 09.29.22

Chart Information - English


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Desde: 29/09/2022

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases - Spanish

Cases - 09.29.2022 - Spanish

Confirmed Deaths - Spanish

Deaths - 09.29.22 - Spanish

Chart Information - Spanish


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