SIH COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

Southern Inyo Hospital and Clinic, in Lone Pine, has implemented a covid-19 preparedness plan to protect the health and safety of staff, patients and the community. Listed below are the key components of the plan and important, basic information for everyone who lives or visits our beloved communities within the Southern Inyo Healthcare District:

If you are feeling like you are coming down with or have a cold or the flu please look for these signs and symptoms: Fever, body aches, dry cough and noticeable shortness of breath. If yes, come to our emergency department to be screened by our health professionals. They will seek to distinguish whether or not it is the seasonal flu or the key characteristics of coronavirus.

Do not go to the front of the hospital or the clinic offices. Come to the emergency entrance at the rear of the hospital (North end).

 We have set up a special screening protocol we will use first before we allow you to gain entrance into the facility.

The vast majority of flu signs and symptoms are just that the “flu” or other non-coronavirus heath issues. If it’s been determined by our medical staff you most likely have the flu we will use our standard diagnostic and treatment approaches to care for you.

 If after initial screening you show suspected signs or symptoms of coronavirus we will test for the virus and care for you in a specially designed treatment unit.

We urge all of you to practice basic, personal preventive methods like multiple hand washing, social distancing and to reach out to us if you have concerns or questions about how to best care for you and your families.

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