COVID-19 Testing

updated: September 28, 2022

COVID-19 Testing - updated 04/06/22Inyo Testing Sites - updated for 02/28/22 changes

ALL results for antigen/rapid and PCR tests are sent by email or text.  Inyo County Public Health does not have access to review/report your results. 

Test to Treat

Through this program, individuals can get tested, assessed by a medical provider, and (if appropriate) given prescription antiviral pills (Paxlovid or molnupiravir) all in the same location. 

  • Inyo County COVID-19 testing and medications are currently free at the OptumServe sites, but some testing and treating facilities may charge an administration or visit fee that may be covered by insurance. People may ask about fees when contacting a site. 
  • All Test-to-Treat sites and other locations that can fill COVID-19 prescriptions can be located on the Test-to-Treat Locator.


DON’T WAIT. If you have COVID-19 symptoms, get tested. Treatment works best when started as soon as possible after symptoms start and before symptoms worsen.  

  • COVID-19 treatments can lower risk of severe illness and hospitalization and work best when taken soon after symptoms begin.  

How to get COVID-19 treatments:  

  • If you have symptoms, call your health care provider right away to ask about testing and if you qualify for COVID-19 treatments. 
  • Stay home and isolate away from others to avoid making them sick. 
  • If you don’t have a health care provider or don’t hear back from your provider within a few days, visit a Test to Treat location to get rapid testing and find out if treatments are right for you. 
  • If you are uninsured, get free care at an Test-to-Treat location.
HHS and USPS - Free At-Home COVID-19 Testing Kits



Residents of the U.S. and territories can place another order of rapid at-home COVID-19 test kits.
These kits will contain eight (8) tests.

How to place a an order: 

  1. Go to  (Spanish)
  2. Click the blue button that says "order free at home tests"
  3. Fill out the information with your residential address
  4. Click the green button that says "check out now" 



Who is eligible to receive a package?
Anyone with a U.S. household address can order a test.

What should I expect after placing an order? (entering email vs. not entering)
After placing your order, you will be shown a confirmation message and order number on your screen. ​

  • If you do not enter an email address: You can write down this order number or keep it for reference. You will not receive any other follow-up information. ​
  • If you enter your email address: You will receive a confirmation and order number email from USPS to your inbox. ​Once your package ships, you will receive ​another email from USPS. This second email ​will contain a tracking number, which you can ​use to track your package.

When should I expect to receive my tests? What happens if they don’t arrive?
If you provide your email address, you will receive delivery updates to track your order. You can submit a help request form online to let USPS know if you think your order is missing.


At-Home Rapid Testing: iHealth

We will let the public know when additional free at-home tests arrive and are available at HHS Office locations.

Test to Treat

OptumServe Test to Treat

Use the this tool to find a location that is right for you.

FREE At-Home COVID-19 Tests

United States Postal Service

At-Home Testing: What You Need to Know

CDPH - At-Home Testing FAQ PDF

- COVID-19 Symptoms

- When should I test?

- Where can I get an at-home test?

- What if I test Positive (+)?

- What if I cannot work because of COVID-19?

Tested At Home?

Report an at-home test result

Reporting positive (+) test results helps your local Public Health team track accurate community transmission. 

Point of Care COVID-19 Test

Northern Inyo Healthcare District

Northern Inyo - Rural Health Clinic is offering drive-thru COVID-19 testing  for individuals (children and adults) WITH COVID-19 symptoms.
--> Please call the clinic in advance to make an appointment.

**PLEASE do not walk into the Pediatric Clinic or Rural Health Clinic**

Call: (760) 873-2849

Rapid Testing

Southern Inyo Healthcare District

Southern Inyo - Rural Health Clinic is offering rapid COVID-19 testing. Please call the clinic in advance to make an appointment.

Call: 760-876-1146

Results are usually available within two (2) hours; results are sent to you via email.