COVID-19 Therapeutics

Updated: Tuesday, January 24, 2023

The available COVID-19 vaccines offer the best defense against COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2).

For info on the COVID-19 vaccine, text your ZIP code to 438829 or visit our vaccine clinic page.  

In addition to the vaccines, some other therapeutics are available in Inyo County.


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If you start feeling sick, act quickly to get a COVID-19 test and free treatment.
Treatment must be taken within 5-7 days of when symptoms start.
The majority of adults are eligible. Treatments are safe, free, and highly effective.
Proven to reduce the risk of severe illness, hospitalizations, and death up to 88%. 

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    COVID-19 Location Finder

    The HHS Therapeutics Locator provides a searchable map of providers nationwide.

    For the latest information on COVID-19 treatments in Inyo County, see the information below in the accordions: Antiviral Medications, Monoclonal Antibody Therapy, and Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. 

    For the latest information on COVID-19 treatments in California, see the California Department of Public Health’s COVID-19 Treatments hub.


    NOTE TO PROVIDERS: Health care providers are encouraged to direct eligible individuals to receive treatment. If you need help directing patients to locations, please contact: 

    Update - (05/18/2022) - Public Health has dissolved the requirement for healthcare providers in Inyo County to utilize Provider Attestation Forms when referring, ordering, prescribing COVID-19 therapeutics.


    COVID-19 Location Finder > NIHD

    No-Cost Telehealth Service

    Sesame Telehealth

    California's are able to connect with a health care provider same day for a no-cost one-time telehealth visit. 

    State COVID-19 Hotline

    Help / Ayuda

    California's are able to call the COVID-19 hotline to learn more information and get support to find free COVID-19 treatment. 

    Enroll and Order

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