Inyo County Local Transportation Commission



The Inyo County Local Transportation Commission (ICLTC) is a six-member commission that serves as the State mandated Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA) for Inyo County. Representation on the ICLTC consists of two members each from the Inyo County Board of Supervisors and the Bishop City Council, while the remaining two seats are Board and Council appointed at-large representatives. The Inyo County Public Works Director serves as the Executive Director of the ICLTC. Follow the corresponding link to view the ICLTC By-Laws and Organization and Procedures Manual.


 The ICLTC prepares an annual Overall Work Program and a Regional Transportation Planevery four years, as well as programming projects into transportation improvement programs. The ICLTC also administers Transportation Development Act (TDA) funds and prioritizes grant funding endorsements from a variety of programs. The TDA involves two major funding sources: the Local Transportation Fund (LTF) and the State Transit Assistance Fund (STA). TDA funds can be used by the City of Bishop and the County of Inyo for transportation planning, expenses related to administering the TDA, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, the transit system, and/or for street and road projects. STA funding is allocated to transit operators and is a second source of TDA funding for transportation planning and mass transportation purposes. The ICLTC convenes noticed public hearings on the third Wednesday of every month to address transportation issues.

Members of the Local Transportation Commission:

Voting Members
  • Chris Costello - City of Bishop, Council Member (Vice Chair)

  • Joe Pecsi- City of Bishop, Member At-Large

  • Rick Pucci - County of Inyo, Board of Supervisors Member

  • Stephen Muchovej- City of Bishop, Council Member

  • Doug Thompson - County of Inyo, Member At-Large (Chair)

  • Mark Tillemans - County of Inyo, Board of Supervisors Member

Alternate Members
  • Matt Kingsley - County of Inyo, Alternate Board of Supervisors Member
  • Laura Smith - City of Bishop, Alternate Council Member
Non-Voting Members
  • Michael Errante - Executive Director

  • Cynthia Browning  - Commission Secretary

Inyo County LTC works in cooperation with various state agencies and other planning organizations throughout the state to ensure a coordinated approach to transportation planning. Inyo County LTC is a member of the Eastern California Transportation Planning Partnership. The Eastern California Transportation Planning Partnership comprises representatives from Inyo, Kern, Mono and San Bernardino counties, and Caltrans. It is intended to address transportation corridors of mutual concern, such as State Routes 14, 58 and U.S. 395. Route improvements in eastern California will ensure that vital tourism, public transportation and freight movement interests among all regions are properly addressed over the next several decades. 

If you have any questions, comments, or other feedback, please call (760) 878-0207 or send LTC staff an e-mail message.