Behavioral Health Staff

  • Gail Zwier, Ph.D.
    Deputy Director, Behavioral Health

    Phone Number

    Lucy Vincent - Assistant to Deputy Director of Behavioral Health

    Janelle Kent - Social Worker

    Skye Milos - Social Worker

    Savannah Cole- Social Worker

    Tim Toppass - Social Worker

  • Compliance Officer

    Phone Number

    Inyo County Health & Human Services- Behavioral Health (ICHHS-BH) asks that anyone suspecting Medi-Cal fraud, waste, or abuse to call or email our Compliance Officer. You may report fraud 24 hours a day. The call is free and the caller may remain anonymous.

    If you prefer to mail your complaint to our office, please use the address listed below

    Inyo County Health & Human Services

    ATTN: Compliance Officer

    163 May Street

    Bishop, CA 93514

  • Anita Richardson
    Supervising Nurse

    Colleen Wilson - Jail Nurse

    Frances Anne Bramhall - Jail Nurse

    Laura Wiegers - Public Health Nurse

    Wendy Fogelstrom - Behavioral Health Nurse

  • Gina McKinzey
    Progress House Manager

    Adam Veenker - Residential Caregiver

    Bree Toppas - Residential Caregiver

    Cathy Datrio - Residential Caregiver

    Deo Santos - Residential Caregiver

    Jordan Drew - Residential Caregiver

    Kelly Nugent - Residential Caregiver

    Michael Sampietro - Residential Caregiver

    Sunny Paszkiewicz - Residential Caregiver


  • Jeanette Schneider, M.D.

  • Karen Rathburn
    Program Chief

    Phone Number

    Carri Coudek - HHS Specialist IV

    Chrystina Pope - Psychotherapist

    Crystal Cox - Social Worker

    Michelle Howell - Psychotherapist

    Orion Boucher- HHS Specialist IV



  • Matthew Blankers
    MHSA Coordinator

    Phone Number

    Jennifer Ray - HHS Specialist IV

    Lisa Trunnell - HHS Specialist IV

    Peter Charley - HHS Specialist IV

    Vanessa Ruggio - HHS Specialist IV

  • Ralph Cataldo
    Office Technician III

    Phone Number

    Jamie Whitney - Office Clerk III

    Jenna Rhoads - Office Clerk III

    JoEllen Howe - Office Clerk III

  • Vacant
    Addictions Program Supervisor

    Catie Grisham - Addictions Counselor

    Donna Stephen - Addictions Counselor

    Sheila Turner - Addictions Counselor