Dark Skies - Exterior Lighting

Dark Skies/Exterior Lighting Policy Development

A Draft outdoor lighting ordinance will be presented to the Planning Commission on October 27, 2021 for a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors to adopt.

Public Hearing Notice

Staff Report


On June 12, 2018, a presentation was made to the Inyo County Board of Supervisors by Earl Wilson, on behalf of the Inyo County Dark Sky Group, highlighting some of the issues of light pollution and the need for preservation of Dark Skies.

The Dark Sky Group Presentation

On June 26, 2018, a presentation was made by Planning Department Staff to the Board of Supervisors on the County General Plan's policy regarding the Control of Light and Glare and the lack of any corresponding code in the Inyo County Code.  The presentaton covered exterior lighting issues in Inyo County, and briefly touched on ordinances governing dark skies and exterior lighting in other jurisdictions. The Board directed the Planning Department conduct a public outreach effort, before beginning any policy development.

Board Agenda item for June 26, 2018 Meeting

Board Agenda minutes, with comments about Dark Skies Presentation Highlighted

In Early October 2018, the Planning Department Conducted 3 Community Outreach Workshops and Issues Around Dark Skies and Exterior Lighting.

Workshop Agenda

Dark Skies/Exterior Lighting Policy Development Workshop Presentation

For questions or comments about the workshops, about Dark Skies or Exterior Lighting Concerns, or about thoughts on the form any regulation from the County should take, contact the Project Planner, Tom Schaniel at (760) 878-0405 or tschaniel@inyocounty.us

Next Steps

Currently Staff is compiling the information from the Workshops and will be posting summaries of the information gathered on this Website, as well as making presentations to the Inyo County Planning Commission and Inyo County Board of Supervisors

When Staff presents to the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors, Staff will be looking for direction as to next steps.

Next Steps might include:

  • Further Public Workshops
  • Development of a Dark Skies/Exterior Lighting Ordinance
  • Development of a Dark Skies/Exterior Lighting educational outreach
  • Development of County Policies relating to County controlled exterior lighting (possibly by other County Departments)
  • Outreach to other Public entities with control of exterior lighting, like utility companies, Caltrans, school districts and public land-owners.

Dates and Agendas for any future public meetings, including Planning Commission and Board of Supervisor meetings will be posted on this website.

Important Dates