Tecopa Active Transportation Program Grant Project

Inyo County Local Transportation Commission staff are preparing to submit an application to the Active Transportation Program.  If successful, this grant will provide funding to significantly improve the conditions for walking and biking safely in Tecopa.  We are soliciting Letters of Support from community members and stakeholders. 

Obtaining letters of support from the community significantly improves the chances of winning the grant.  Two templates are provided for convenience, the first one is to express general support for the project from residents and stakeholders; the second template is specific to landowners who own property within the project area.

Please feel free to edit the templates to reflect your own perspectives, and return the signed letters to Justine Kokx prior to June 10th.  Don't hesitate to call with questions: 760-878-0202


Mailing address:

P.O. Drawer Q

Independence, CA 93526