Adventure Trails Pilot Project Coming to an End

June 14, 2024

Inyo County is offering advanced notice that the Adventure Trails Pilot Program will be sunsetting on January 1, 2025.

Assembly Bill 628, approved in 2011, authorized the County to establish a pilot project to designate highway segments as combined-use to allow certain non-street legal vehicles to drive on certain County roads to access goods, services, and existing off-highway vehicle trails. The Board of Supervisors authorized the designation of seven routes for combined use in 2015, and lobbied for extension of the program to January 2025 via SB 1345 and SB 402. 

The program aimed to balance tourism and environmental protection, by steering OHV users to appropriate trails and recreation areas.

With the program coming to an end, the Board of Supervisors wants to encourage continued safe and respectful OHV usage on local public lands, as is also encouraged by Tread Lightly! – a non-profit organization that leads a national initiative to promote the responsible use of motorized vehicles when recreating outdoors. The organization’s goal is to balance off-road and off-highway vehicle users’ need for adventure with the need to conserve the places where they ride and explore.

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