Weapons & Explosives

Weapons & Explosives

Call the Sheriff’s Department prior to carrying any firearm into any Sheriff’s facility!

Weapons and ammunition – If you have guns, rifles, shotguns, handguns, ammunition or any other type of weapon that you own and want to discard, you can bring it to the Sheriff’s Office (or substations) for destruction during normal working hours. Or, call us, and a deputy will come collect it. If you do not know how the gun works, we’ll handle it for you. Weapons turned in for destruction at the Sheriff’s Office cannot be released later.

If you find any gun or other weapon outside, DO NOT TOUCH IT! Call the Sheriff’s Office and deputies will come  to inspect and unload the weapon before collecting it.

Explosives – DO NOT bring explosives, chemicals or hazardous materials to the Sheriff’s Office for destruction! Call us first! Do not touch it, handle it or attempt to move it yourself. If you find or have any explosives, unknown ammunition or flammables (including dynamite, blasting caps, fireworks, antique military items or ordinance) or any other possibly volatile hazardous materials you want to dispose of, please call 760-878-0383.

Tell the Sheriff’s dispatchers what you have and they will send deputies or other experts to examine it and secure it. Old explosives, ammunition and chemicals can be very unstable, sensitive to movement and CAN EXPLODE if moved or handled incorrectly. Specially trained experts must handle these items. A deputy will come to your home and inspect the item before arranging for experts to remove it.

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