Tobacco Education Program

updated: 12/21/2022

The Inyo County Tobacco Education Program is funded by the California Tobacco Control Program. We provide community education surrounding Tobacco* Control policies, help youth build leadership skills through coalition work and provide cessation resources and referrals for the community.

The Tobacco Education Program’s major goals and strategies are to:

  • engage more young adults in coalition meetings and activities through outreach and communication,
  • to involve more youth and adults in tobacco control work in the southern part of the county,
  • to engage the business community, particularly in the City of Bishop, as stakeholders and advocates for a smoke-free Eastern Sierra,
  • to collaborate with alcohol prevention and nutrition education partners in encouraging adoption of health-promoting practices in our local stores,
  • to promote evidence-based tobacco cessation classes and the service of Kick It California
  • and to educate the public about the availability and cheap price of flavored tobacco products that are enticing to youth.

*Tobacco refers to commercial tobacco products

Tobacco Education Program Documents

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