Departmental Overviews

What We Do: County Departments Outline Mission, Services, Goals

A series of workshops is currently underway - and expected to last through spring - to better acquaint the public with the services and programs offered by County Departments, to apprise the Inyo County Board of Supervisors and their constituents of successful and upcoming projects and initiatives, and outline core missions and responsibilities of individual departments and divisions.

The workshops are also helping provide a picture of the health of the County as a whole. The workshops have focused on the services the County provides to residents and visitors, from restaurant inspections, building permits, and mosquito abatement to senior center meals, parks, campgrounds, and landfills.

Please find videos of the individual presentations below.

More information about each department, or program, can be found by utilizing the search bar on our County homepage here. 

Videos: Departmental Overviews