Contaminated Soil Treatment

Contaminated Soil Treatment

Procedure For Accepting Contaminated Soil At Bishop-Sunland Landfill

Contaminated Soil

  1. The generator will contact Inyo County Environmental Health;
    • (760) 873-7866
    • (760) 878-0264
  1. Environmental Health will complete a Landfill Acceptance Form indicating the total cubic yards to be disposed and the location of the project.
  1. Environmental Heath will forward the Landfill Acceptance Form to Inyo County Waste Management for processing.
  1. The generator must contact Inyo County Waste Management to confirm receipt of the acceptance form and schedule the date and time of material delivery.

Accepted only at the Bishop-Sunland Landfill
Non-friable only
-Minimum- $45.00 charge
$85.00 per /Ton or
Contaminated soil
(gasoline, diesel, and/or related constituents) - $50 per ton.
Out-of-County of Inyo - $75 per ton.

Contaminated Soil Treatment Documents