Eastern Sierra Weed Management Area

ESWMA Mission Statement:

To facilitate, coordinate and promote the establishment of an integrated weed management program directed toward the eradication and control of noxious weeds in the Eastern Sierra Weeds Management Area (ESWMA). Boundaries of the management area extend south to Nine Mile Canyon (Kennedy Meadows Road), east to Owens Lake, north to include the crest if the Inyo and White Mountains, the California/Nevada border to Bridgeport, then west to include the crest of the Sierra Nevada Mountains down to Nine Mile Canyon. Although, the ESWMA working group feels these are manageable boundaries, they also remain flexible so that is a noxious weed population requires treatment outside these boundaries and the group agrees this is a priority project, then the project will be considered.


Suspect Weed Observation

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or to report a weed sighting.  The public can use this form to report suspect weed locations.