Victim Witness

The District Attorney's Victim Witness program provides support and educational services to victims of crime to enable their smooth transition through the criminal justice system.  Lead by our Victim Witness Coordinator, advocates assist victims in filing claims for the Victim of Crime Program, help with crisis intervention and referrals to emergency services.

When criminal cases are filed in court, advocates help orient crime victims to the often-confusing criminal justice system and provide assistance in getting to court  and support while they are there.  Advocates also keep victims informed of case status and disposition and can assist friends, relatives and employers. When called upon, advocates can even help with creditor intervention, temporary child care, and emergency housing. 

Advocates also function as a communication link for victims and witnesses to the attorney handling a case.  They collect restitution information, information required for criminal protective orders, and victim impact statements for the court to consider when sentence is pronounced in a case.

The Victim Witness program ensures that the rights of crime victims are recognized and protected.

The Victim Witness program can be reached at 760.873.6669 (Bishop) and 760.878.0299 (Independence).