Code Compliance - Violations and Complaints

The County Code Compliance Officer investigates potential code violations in the County and works with the violators to bring their property into conformance with the Inyo County Code.  We work to achieve voluntary compliance through notification and education. In the absence of voluntary compliance, the officer has a range of other options to encourage compliance including citations, administrative actions, fines, and abatement.  Our goal is to maintain and improve property values and ensure a high quality of life for residents, visitors and business owners.

Why Enforce County Codes?
  • Reduce health and safety risks and improve quality of life
  • Help maintain property values
  • Enhance the physical and aesthetic beauty of our community 
  • Enhance, Maintain, and develop business districts to foster economic growth

Working together, we can make Inyo County a wonderful place to live, work and play.  

Report a Code Violation:

Prior to submitting a Code Violation Complaint, please consider the following: 

1. Have I contacted the person(s) causing the problem? Do they realize what they are doing may be a violation that affects me and other neighbors in the area?

2. Have I acted in good faith as a responsible neighbor? 

3. Am I filing this complaint because I have a personal problem with an individual, rather than a sincere concern over a code violation?

4. Do I have any possible code violations on my own property?

5. If I sign this Code Complaint Form and the County ultimately has to take administrative action such as fines or civil penalties, could I live with that outcome?

Code Compliance Investigative Process Overview

Generally, upon receiving a complaint, the Code Compliance Officer will initiate an investigation within 2 weeks.  The first effort is to make contact with the property owner or responsible party and achieve voluntary compliance.  If a code violation is found to exist and voluntary compliance is not achieved, the Code Compliance Officer will issue a "Notice of Violation" with a time frame in which to comply. 

Most often people correct the situation voluntarily.  However, if the situation is not corrected, there are a variety of enforcement tools that can be used.  For more information on the enforcement process, please see Title 22: Code Enforcement.