Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP) and related SAFETY Programs

The County recognizes that a good safety and health program is the key to meeting this goal and that it is the responsibility of the County, department heads and officials, supervisors and employees, to maintain a good safety and health program to control economic losses.

The Inyo County IIPP, in full compliance with State and Federal regulations, strives to decrease the number of safety and health related accidents, injuries, property damage and losses throughout the County thereby reducing the pain, suffering and associated costs of employee injury and illnesses and reducing the liability exposure due to harm of members of the public.

This program thereby manages operating costs through conservation of County property, equipment and facilities. 

Check out the program below. See also all the subpages to this page, as they contain other safety programs.

Safety Committee

Safety Cmte agendas and minutes are available from Safety Cmte Co-Chairs.