Criminal Division

The Criminal Division is the main operation of the District Attorney's office.  Attorneys review investigation reports submitted by partner law enforcement agencies and determine what criminal charges, if any, should be filed with the court.  The District Attorney is the only county officer empowered to file criminal charges.

Once a criminal case is filed in court, the attorneys work with the referring law enforcement agency, our Victim Witness Division staff, public defenders and defense attorneys, and court staff to resolve cases either by settlement or by trial.

If you believe that you have been the victim of a crime, you must make an initial report to the local law enforcement agency covering your area--if the crime occurred within the City of Bishop, you should report it to the Bishop Police Department.  If outside the City of Bishop, you should report it to the Inyo County Sheriff's Department.  Crimes alleged to have occurred at State of California facilities are investigated by the California Highway Patrol.

You can reach the Criminal Division of the District Attorney at 760.873.6657 (Bishop) or 760.878.0282 (Independence).