Current Projects

General Plan Amendment (GPA) 2023-02/Housing Element Revised

General Plan/Zone Reclassification 2022-01/LADWP

Amendment to Reclamation Plan 97-6 Independence MS#118 California Department of Transportation.

Amendment to Conditional Use Permit 1994-2 Brown’s Supply; Reclamation Plan 1994-2 Brown’s Supply

Zone Text Amendment 2022-03 Reasonable Accommodation

Zone Text Amendment 2022-02/Inyo County Code Updates

Conditional Use Permit 2022-02/ Coso Signs

Conditional Use Permit 85-7/Browns Supply Amendment

Conditional Use Permit (CUP) 2021-09/Coso Junction

General Plan Amendment 2021-03 & Zone Reclassification 2021-03/W.McNeal

General Plan Amendment 2021-02; Zone Reclassification 2021-02

Proposed Commercial Airline Service at Bishop Airport

Dark Skies Presentation - update

Variance 2021-01/O'Sullivan

Vacant Lands Inventory, General Plan and Zoning Evaluation for Possible Redesignating to Promote Housing Opportunities

Hearing-Radcliff Mine Order Mandating Compliance

Zone Reclassification 2019-02/ General Plan Amendment 2019-01/ Tentative Parcel Map 422 / Olancha Lake RV

Telecom Plan Update 2020-01/Smartlink - ATT

Conditional Use Permit 2019-18/IMACA

Conditional Use Permit 2019-14/Indy Place

Conditional Use Permit 2019-12/Lackner

Important Dates

Planning Commission Meeting is Wednesday, August 23, 2023 at 10:00 am at the Board of Supervisors Chamber at 224 N Edwards Street, Independence, California.