Amendment to Reclamation Plan 97-6 Independence MS#118 California Department of Transportation.

Amendment to Conditional Use Permit 1994-2 Brown’s Supply; Reclamation Plan 1994-2 Brown’s Supply

Zone Text Amendment 2022-03 Reasonable Accommodation

Zone Text Amendment 2022-02/Inyo County Code Updates

Conditional Use Permit 2022-02/ Coso Signs

Conditional Use Permit 85-7/Browns Supply Amendment

Conditional Use Permit (CUP) 2021-09/Coso Junction

General Plan Amendment 2021-02; Zone Reclassification 2021-02

General Plan Amendment 2021-03 & Zone Reclassification 2021-03/W.McNeal

Proposed Commercial Airline Service at Bishop Airport

Dark Skies Presentation - update

Variance 2021-01/O'Sullivan

Vacant Lands Inventory, General Plan and Zoning Evaluation for Possible Redesignating to Promote Housing Opportunities

Hearing-Radcliff Mine Order Mandating Compliance

Zone Reclassification 2019-02/ General Plan Amendment 2019-01/ Tentative Parcel Map 422 / Olancha Lake RV

Telecom Plan Update 2020-01/Smartlink - ATT

Conditional Use Permit 2019-18/IMACA

Conditional Use Permit 2019-14/Indy Place

Conditional Use Permit 2019-12/Lackner

Important Dates

Planning Commission is an in person meeting  at the Board of Supervisors Chambers at 224 N. Edwards Street in Independence, California. The next meeting will be May 31, 2023 at 10:00 a.m.