Inyo Youth Programs

Youth Programs Mission:

To provide Inyo County youth with consistent and caring support from committed adults who will help guide them through some of the challenging situations in their lives while promoting, developing, and encourage healthy behaviors for them to carry into adulthood. 


Youth Programs currently include:

  • Mentor Program – The youth mentor program matches local youth with an adult volunteer who meets with the youth regularly as part of the lunch pal program or through engagement in other community activities. The goal of this program is to support local youth having a positive adult figure in their life.
  • Outdoor Program – The outdoor program offers a wide variety of outdoor and youth activities for youth in our community. The purpose of this program is to provide youth with healthy choices, expose them to new experiences, and provide education on natural physical activity, social interaction, and life skills.


For more information, contact the Youth Programs Team:

P: 760-873-7878




Resource Request Form

Resource Request Form

No-cost resources/tools are available to be mailed to Inyo County residents by completing the online request form. 

Available Resources & Tools:

  • Condoms
  • Pregnancy Test
  • OTC COVID-19 Tests
  • Med. Disposal Bag

updated: 04/05/23