The District Attorney's  Investigations Division is staffed by three sworn peace officers--the Chief Investigator and two Criminal Investigators.

The Investigations Division primary role is to assist attorneys in preparing cases for trial and in locating and securing the attendance of witnesses for trials and other court proceedings.  Investigators can also assist the Inyo County Sheriff's Department and the Bishop Police Department in initial investigations, if called upon.

Investigators are also responsible for cases of alleged parental child abduction.  They are available to take "good cause" declarations in child custody cases, and will investigate cases where there may be criminal violations of child custody orders.

District Attorney Investigators are also primarily responsible for investigating cases of public assistance fraud (commonly known as welfare fraud) arising in Inyo County, as well as alleged public integrity violations.

The District Attorney is also the lead agency for criminal investigations of peace officer involved shootings in Inyo County. Except for cases required to be handled by the Attorney General, DA Investigators, directed by the elected District Attorney, are responsible for conducting these investigations.

The Investigations Division can be reached at 760.873.7987