Public Maps

Public maps contain unrestricted data that can be viewed by the public. Most data shown in these maps are available for download in GIS format (.gdb, .shp) on the Data Download Page.

Thumbnail of Inyo County web Map

All GIS data in one map

Screengrab of voting location map.

Voting Locations and Ballot Drop Boxes

Supervisorial District Look-up

Supervisorial Districts

Thumbnail of GIS Data by Parcel map

Get GIS derived information about individual parcels

Thumbnail of GIS Data by Address map

Get GIS derived information about individual addresses

Thumbnail of environmental hazards map

Environmental hazards mapped within Inyo County; earthquake, fire, and flood

Screengrab of voting precinct map.

Consolidated Voting Precincts for 2020 General Election

Thumbnail of elevation and topography map

Elevation, and elevation derived data like slope and aspect

Thumbnail of Cannabis Zones map

Cannabis Zones

Thumbnail of parks and campgrounds map

County maintained parks and campgrounds

Thumbnail of solid waste map

Dumps, transfer stations, landfills, and solid waste zones

Global COVID-19 Cases

global covid cases

SCE Public Safety Power Shutoff

Thumbnail of sce psps map.