Recorded Documents

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The County Recorder manages and protects public records including records related to land ownership and records of birth, death and marriage. 

Land Records

The Inyo County Recorder has maintained copies of all recorded land transaction since the county was formed in 1866. The County Recorder is responsible to preserve this information permanently.

What documents can be recorded?

There are very specific legal requirements to record documents in the State of California. Generally, any document signed by a person or persons transferring the ownership of land or creating a debt or duty in property can be recorded as long as it is in the proper format. The recorder's office cannot give legal advice on how to complete a form but we can assist you with your questions on whether or not a document may be recorded.

What is the cost to record a document?

Documents that transfer title have additional recording fees and requirements. Any document that transfers title must have a Preliminary Change of Ownership attached or there is an additional $20.00 penalty fee due at the time of recording. In addition, if the property is being transferred for money or other consideration, a transfer tax of $0.55 per every five hundred dollars, s also due. If you are not sure if a transfer tax is owed, please review the Inyo County Transfer Tax Guideline.



For a complete list of recording fees please view our fee schedule.

How do I find or request a copy of a document?

You may search the online index of recorded documents from 1982 for no cost.

To request copies of documents contact our office.

How do I find a copy of a Recorded Map?  

You can view Recorded Maps using Assessor's Parcel Numbers for no cost.

How can I find out where a plot of land is located?

You may search our GIS database using an address or Assessor's parcel number.


Affidavit of Assessment Work

Notice of Intent to Hold

Preliminary Change of Ownership Report