Asbestos Disposal



Friable (hazardous) Asbestos containing waste is not accepted at the Landfill

(Friable means that the material can be crumbled, pulverized, or reduced to powder by hand pressure)

Accepted only at the
Bishop-Sunland Landfill

Non-friable only
-Minimum- $45.00 charge
$85.00 per /Ton 

Contaminated soil
(gasoline, diesel, and/or related constituents) - $50 per ton.
Out-of-County of Inyo -
$75 per ton.

This policy addresses the disposal practices of non-friable asbestos containing waste at the Bishop-Sunland Solid Waste Site (BSSWS).



Asbestos is a naturally occurring serpentine rock formation and can be found occurring even in Inyo County.

The potential of an asbestos containing product to release fibers is dependent upon its degree of friability.  The Department of Toxics and Substance Control (DTSC) has clarified the definition to include an airborne release by mechanical means including breaking and shearing.  Friable asbestos is defined as a hazardous waste if the product contains greater than (>) 1% friable asbestos fibers (section 66699, Title 22).  The only method for determining the friability and content of asbestos fibers is by laboratory analysis.  Determinations are made on an individual basis.  Friable asbestos containing waste must be handled as a hazardous waste as required in the California Health and Safety Code and Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations.  Call Inyo County Department of Environmental Health Services (ICDEHS) 878-0238 or 873-7866 for additional information regarding the handling, storage and disposal of friable asbestos.  A list of analytical labs is also available upon request.  

Requirements for Removal of Asbestos Containing Waste:

Prior to the removal of asbestos containing waste or material, you must contact the Great Basin Air Pollution Control District (GBAPCD) 872-8211.  GBAPCD regulates asbestos removal projects under the authority of the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP).  The district enforces only the basic NESHAP regulations.  There are no special inspection fees or permit charges.  Single family residences and apartment buildings having 5 or fewer dwelling units are exempt from the district’s NESHAP notification requirements.  Filing a 10 day advance notification is required for demolition projects or asbestos renovation projects involving commercial, institutional or industrial facilities where greater than 260 lineal feet for pipe or 160 square feet of regulated asbestos containing material will be stripped, removed, cut, or dislodged from a facility component.

If asbestos related work is being done by an employee, you need to contact Cal OSHA.  The consulting unit is 209-454-1295.  The hazard definition is different and more broad in the OSHA standards.

The non-friable asbestos containing waste must be completely intact; otherwise, the waste may be considered friable.  This is especially true if there are powders in the containment material.

Disposal Procedures:

  1. Notify RWM at 873-7191 of the disposal of the non-friable asbestos containing waste disposal.  Obtain a

non-friable/non-hazardous certification form from RWM.  Call the office for disposal fee.

  1. An authorized representative from RWM will be present during the disposal to provide the following:
  • Verify that no visible fibers were released.
  • Obtain the non-friable certification.
  • Record the location, depth and quantity of non-friable asbestos containing wastes being buried.


Asbestos Disposal Documents