Health Care Providers

Public Health And Prevention Vision Statement:

We are Leaders of Change Empowering Healthy Communities

The Public Health and Prevention Division works to promote and encourage healthy behaviors, prevent epidemics and the spread of disease, improve early child development, prevent injuries, respond to disasters that impact the medical and health delivery system and assist communities in recovery, and assure the quality and accessibility of health services throughout the county.


For Health Care Providers

Public Health promotes optimal community health through disease and injury prevention, education, policy development, and more. Health Care Providers (HCP), such as doctors and nurses, are critical to this work.

The Inyo Public Health team strives to work closely with HCPs throughout the community to share guidelines and best practices, create care coordination, technical assistance, and more. Information is shared as needed on this page (see accordions below and click to expand).

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Vaccinate All 58

COVID-19 Vaccine Schedule

Use this chart to help determine when to receive COVID-19 vaccine based on age or health conditions.

Inyo County Health Officer, Dr. James Richardson

Health Officer Reading List

As Inyo County Health Officer, Dr. James Richardson, comes across helpful and interesting healthcare research and articles, they will be shared here for other Healthcare Providers to review. 

Office of Guidance and Policy


CDPH - Office of Guidance and Policy (G&P) launch an inquiry submission portal.

The portal serves as a resource for submitting questions pertaining to our policy updates and guidance regarding communicable diseases, and methods for keeping you and your community safe.

Before submitting your question to the team, please review the resources available on the CDPH guidance page

Inquires may be submitted at the CDPH Inquiry Portal. Inquiries will be responded to promptly, between the business hours of Monday-Friday from 8:00am- 5:00pm PST (excluding State holidays).