Insurance Requirements


Vendors/contractors should only refer to the insurance requirements that are attached to the contract sent to them directly. This page is presented exclusively for Inyo County Fiscal staff to assist them. Insurance Specs on this page are provided as a guide and may need to be customized based on details of individual contracts.  

It is very important that the correct insurance requirements are attached to contracts prior to initiation of those contracts. To obtain the insurance requirements you should attach to your contract, please send the contract you intend to use along with a clear scope of work to the Risk Manager prior to requesting insurance documentation from prospective contractors in order to avoid redundancy and confusion. The Risk Manager will review and respond appropriately. Doing this on the front end will expedite your contract on the back end. 


Points to Remember

  • Do not send a contract to a contractor without attaching all three pages of the appropriate insurance requirements. Selection and insertion of insurance requirements require training.  
  • Most contracts will be with contractors who are required to have professional licenses, or with contractors/vendors who are not required to have licenses. However, some contracts required customized insurance requirements due to special hazards or situations or entities. Risk Management updates all spec sheets EVERY SPRING. Do not use outdated spec sheets.
  • To double check that you are attaching the correct insurance requirements at the very beginning, provide Risk with (1) a copy of the contract so Risk can see the dollar amount, dates/period, and name of contractor; (2) a concise scope of work; (3) any insurance documentation already provided by contractor; and (4) your call back number. Risk will call with any questions and email you the insurance requirements sheet. This process will eliminate many future issues that can slow things down later on. Trust me on this. 
  • When you receive insurance documentation, please email it to Risk with a copy of the contract. Risk might not recall the contract or previous discussions due to the volume of contracts reviewed. Risk will contact you if there are issues.
  • In most cases, a one page certificate is insufficient as evidence of coverage.
  • Risk encourages you to learn about the requirements. Training is available periodically throughout the year from Risk Management. Please call Risk if you have questions about insurance, insurance documentations, or insurance terms.