Employees Honored for Service Milestones

Several Inyo County employees were honored for their hard work and dedication on Tuesday, April 4.

Awards were given to employees who reached service milestones with the County during the first quarter of 2023. The following individuals were recognized and applauded by the Board of Supervisors:

  • Paul Dorame, 25 years, Tammy McDevitt, 20 years, and Mark Smith, 15 years, Sheriff’s Office

  • Rick Chapman, 15 years, Information Services

  • Gilbert Conde, 5 years, and Claude Felton, 5 years, Public Works

  • Edith Chavez, 5 years, Nicole Gonzalez, 5 years, and Catherine Grisham, 5 years, Health & Human Services

  • Mallory Watterson, 5 years, County Counsel

  • Wendy Carrington, 25 years, Personnel