How do I apply for an Airport Operations Area Badge?

If you require unescorted access within the Bishop Airport security fence, please download the AOA Badge Application and the Non-Movement Area Driver Training Manual.  When you have completed the application and reviewed the manual, come to the Airport Annex Building on the west end of the parking lot (orange tile roof).  Be sure to bring the identification listed on page four of the application.  Admin staff will accept the application, make a copy of identification documents, take a badge photo, and administer an AOA Driver Quiz.  Applications can also be emailed to, however applicants will still have to come to the Airport to complete the badging process. The TSA background check and badge printing is generally completed in 7 days or less, although it can take over a month for those born outside the US.

If you require access to the Movement Area, SIDA Area, or are unsure about the access level you require, please call Airport Operations at 760-872-2971.

Badge Fees:

New AOA with Gate Card             $60

AOA Renewal (every 2 years)        $40

New SIDA / CHRC                         $80

SIDA Renewal (every 2 years)        $50

Lost Badge or Gate Card               $40 / $80 / $120 (1st / 2nd / 3rd)

Stolen Badge or Gate Card            No charge if police report is provided

 Failure to return                            $50