Code Enforcement - Zoning Violations

Planning Department Code Enforcement investigates potential zoning code violations in the County and works with the violators to bring their property into conformance with Title 18 (Zoning) of the Inyo County Code. This involves talking with the property owner to try and come up with a solution, and if necessary additional enforcement measures.

To initiate an investigation into a possible zoning violation, please complete the form below.

Prior to submitting a Zoning Code Complaint form, please consider the following:

1. Have I contacted the person(s) causing the problem? Do they realize what they are doing may be a violation that affects me and other neighbors in the area?

2. Have I acted in good faith as a responsible neighbor? 

3. Am I filing this complaint because I have a personal problem with an individual, rather than a sincere concern over a code violation?

4. Do I have any possible code violations on my own property?

5. If I sign this Code Complaint Form and the County ultimately has to take administrative action such as fines or civil penalties, could I live with that outcome?

 County staff uses Title 22 - Code Enforcement to process code enforcement complaints