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Are you prepared for earthquakes? Your past experience in earthquakes may give you a false sense of safety; perhaps you did nothing, ran outside, or…
Inyo County Press Release
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT:           Carma Roper, Public Information Officer, croper@inyocounty.us INYO COUNTY TEMPORARILY BANS CAMPFIRES …

Inyo County Office of Emergency Services (OES)

The Inyo County Office of Emergency Services (OES) coordinates the overall county response to disasters.  OES is responsible for alerting and notifying appropriate agencies when disaster strikes; coordinating all agencies that respond; ensuring resources are available and mobilized in times of disaster; developing plans and procedures for response to and recovery from disasters; and developing and providing preparedness materials for the public.

OES staffs the Operational Area Emergency Operations Center, a facility which provides regional coordinated emergency response.


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