Make a Behavioral Health Appointment/Access To Services

New admissions go through an Intake process.  If you have a mental health concern and want to see what services are available to you, the process begins with the front office staff.  Information is collected and an intake appointment is scheduled. You can call us at (760-873-6533) or come into our office located at 162 Grove St. Suite J in Bishop for more information or to begin the intake process.

AssessmentGathering information from you and sometimes your family members is important to ensure the best mental health treatment plan is developed. Our goal is to offer you an appointment within 10 business days of your request for services. 

Crisis Counseling:  If you feel you want to hurt yourself or anyone else or you just can’t cope with your problem any longer, you can get crisis assistance through our offices.

Medication Evaluation andServices:  If you need to be on medication because of mental illness, medication will be prescribed by the treating doctor, and the clinic will follow this treatment regimen.

Case Management/Social Work:  Assistance with improving your coping or daily living skills is available through case management/social work, which may include providing assistance with connecting you with agencies such as Social Security, Vocational Rehabilitation or Health Services.

Individual Counseling:  Counselors are available to work with you to develop an individualized plan that provides you the help needed to address your mental health concern.

Group Counseling: Groups are available to provide support in addressing certain mental health conditions. 

Family Counseling: Counselors work with families to support family treatment needs. 

Early and Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) Mental Health Services:  Mental health services needed by children or young people under 21 who have full scope Medical are available to correct or improve mental health problems.

Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS): TBS is an EPSDT mental health service.  TBS helps children and young people who have severe emotional problems, live in a mental health placement, or have been hospitalized recently for mental health problems.  If TBS is needed, the TBS staff person works intensively for a short period of time with a young person and their family.  TBS may help beneficiaries and their families learn new ways of controlling or managing problem behaviors.

Services in Spanish:

Free language assistance is available. (Family members do not need to interpret).